My First Month as a Junior Data-Scientist

In the middle of the summer, just surfed the web and found an interesting startup company. “Neuromarketing” was the word which grabbed my attention. Just for fun, I applied for the Data-Scientist job (because why not?). After 3 interviews (and tests) I worked my first month with them. 🙂

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Home Security System with Computer Vision

Python + Flask + Computer Vision +  Firebase +Raspberry Pi + a pinch of HTML & CSS =  Home Security System 😎

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Why I use Python

def why(language):
    if language.lower() == "python":
        print("Read Below...")


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Deep Learning on Heroku tutorial (Iris classification)

It would be nice if we could use our trained models and create applications with it, don’t you think? I have good news: we can, and it is really easy, fast and free! 😉

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Dear Readers,

I can proudly say that I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics! ❤  🙂

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Working as a freelancer (Face Similarity project)

Recently I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile with a new experience: Freelance work.

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Snake game controlled in space

I’ve never thought that ultrasound is that fun to play with!

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OCR Library Comparison

I tried 3 OCR libraries for Java. Guess which one wins. Tesseract, Asprise, Google Could Vision.

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Straighten Image with OpenCV


I thought I’ll write a little tutorial about how we can straighten an image. This is very important because (for example) we can do more accurate OCR after the image is straight and not rotated.

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