January 2015

My Unity package is released!!!

I checked my email and I had an email from Unity. It says that they accepted my submitted package. 🙂

You can check it out here:

Now I just have to wait for the first buyers. 🙂

BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Magazine Cover

I was asked to create a cover for the University magazine. At first I had no idea what to do but then I got a little idea to make a scene with my University’s dorm (Schönherz Dorm). So I created my dorm then did the rest.

This is how it looks like now:



Hey, today I made another two pictures with c4D. It just gets cooler. 😉 lowPolyTree Planet

Learning Cinema 4D

Today I started to learn how to use C4D.

After the basic things I created a landscape picture. This is my first try with this modelling program. I’d like to learn it, to create 3D objects for my Unity Projects. Wish me luck! 🙂

Btw. I love “low poly” things!


First Unity Assets store submission

Yesterday I submitted my first Unity plugin what is called “Simple AI for 2D platformer“.

2DPlatformerAIWith this plugin you can make enemies patrol on your scene and you can make them jump too. There is a script, with you can create a flying follower for your player.

There is a demo scene what you can test HERE.

Right now, they review it, wish me luck to get it published!

My first Android program that is published

Here is my first Android program what I made back in 2011. Just started learning the programming for Android OS. I made this app for an IT competition and I won it! (They said that this was the “most creative app”) 🙂

I don’t want to write a long text about it because there is one on the app’s page, so check it out:

My first post

Hello world!

I made this page to “exhibit” my works.

I draw and I make posters, graphic designs etc. I love art. I’m fond of taking photos.

I create programs and games for Android/IOS/BB phones and PC.


So I have nothing more to say, let’s start the page! 😉


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