I’m not an experienced game developer so I know that I have to climb “that” ladder but I thought…I….I don’t know anymore. Here is my story so far. When I started my first mobile game I just wanted to create something unique, something special. But if it’s too special than nobody will download it because humans are lazy and the majority doesn’t want to give my game that extra force to learn how the game works. Instead they will find a much more simple one. After that first disappointment I’ve recovered and learnt from my fault. And I thought that NOW I know everything about game making,  so I started my second project. I had an idea…if I make a (simple) game about a famous/popular thing from the internet than a lot of people will download it. I published this game called LeftShark. I made this in just one day. The hardest part was not the game but the graphics. I have a little experience in graphic design, drawing etc. I just never made pixel art. (but at this level it was an easy one 😉 ) So far, that was my second try. (btw. I wanted to get a little income so I placed ads in the game. After a e weeks I earned…..$1.62…..HELL YEAH! 🙂 ) Here comes my third try called Yellow Things. This is fresh, I released it about 2 weeks ago. My younger brother (Peter) creates stunning images and drawings so I asked him to make the graphics part for me, so I can concentrate on other things. And after all the failures I had, I browsed the Google Play and thought: Graphic design! It’s all about Graphic design!!!!!! First of all, what I have learnt from this project:

  • It is hard to work with someone else (sorry Peter 😉 )
  • It is pretty hard to learn about taxing, enterprises, especially when you are not in the USA (I’m from Hungary)
  • You can’t start selling (placing ads, in app purchases) when this just pops into your mind
  • How advertising works
  • Marketing (I’ll return to this)

As I said I uploaded it to the play store 2 weeks ago and I have only 10-50 downloads according to the statistics. So I was wrong, it’s not all about the graphics and the simple gameplay. So now..what? And then I started to watch videos and now I think I know the “little” pretty big secret. Marketing. And of course, all the other things I wrote down before. But not separately. I have to combine them. I believed in a fairy tale. One upon a time in a dark and dangerous forest I made a mobile game and that’s it. The end. (consequences: money, power, fame) 😀 I don’t know what I’ll make next, but what I found out is that now I know more about game development. And with every project I’m going to learn something new so in the near future I can make a game. A popular one.