That light bulb lit up over my head again. Let’s see what comes out. 🙂

I played with Yellow Things and after a while I noticed that it would be awesome if I could spice it up somehow. Because when you play with it, you only concentrate to the things that being dropped. Of course only for the yellow ones. After a few games later, the black and white, and screen turning effects fade away so that’s why I would like to create something new. If I can turn my idea to reality, than the player will have to share their concentration and the gameplay will be more funky. 😉

AAAANDDDDD….Today that light bulb lit up over my head again. 🙂 I wrote about the things I learnt from the other games I created, so I can say that this one will be a big one. Unfortunately I can’t say anything about it yet, but stay tuned for it.
Now I made a big difference from the others…I planned on paper. WHOAH! 😀 I know…everybody does this. But I don’t like planning and sometimes I lost a lot of time because of this. So now, I tried this new thing and I can say that I like it.

I will post about the new game and Yellow Things just come back to my blog. 🙂