I wanted to make a cool tile by tile movement in unity3D where the player can only jump 1 box high and can walk tile by tile. So this is the result:

First I started to create a “normal” unity project. This means I attached a rigidbody2D and Colliders to the player and the boxes too. (Player is blue, boxes are pink/magenta)
That was a bad idea because after a lot of coding, I realized that I can’t make the jumping part and I had problems with the movement too. Gravity messed up the whole thing.

So I spent a day with this project. After that, I knew that I have to create a new project and start over the whole thing. 😦
But I made it! As you can see the result on the image. I didn’t used Unity’s Physics only Raycasts so I can determine if there is something under, or next to the player or a box.

Now, let’s call it a day. 😉