I just made an update for Simple AI For Platformer 2D.

I have an asset on the Unity asset store, what is for those who would like to put enemy to their 2D platformer game. Version 1 is live now. With that, you can make the enemies patrol between two points and make them jump. So v1 is not a big deal… 😀

But now I made an update for it. With Version 2 you’ll be able to:

  • Make them patrol or leave them idle
  • Jumping is better now
  • Now you can make them “see” other gameobjects
  • Follow the target they saw
  • Wait for it if it’s out of sight
  • Shooting is now an option if they see the target
  • They can “hear” foot steps so they know if the player is behind them

With this asset you can create simple GameObjects (like cameras) what can detect the player or anything else. (for example it is good for a stealth game) or you can create patrolling enemies.

It is 1 minute to set it up and you are ready to play with the game. Detailed documentation is available and now I work on a tutorial video.

Sooooo…..Stay tuned for it 😉