I know it’s been a long time since I was here but I had to study a lot for university. But now, it’s time time for exams so, I’ve got a little time to play with. 🙂

I love to work and play with Unity and coding and these are the things you can find here but now I’d like to write about a different thing. Arduino.
I don’t really like the hardware stuff so that’s why I don’t play with these things but I found a pretty cool site where I can test my skills (what I got from my university). And this “fired me up”.

This site is 123d.circuits.io . We can simulate simple or complex circuits with it. For example I made a simple color changing LED with the help of an Arduino UNO. But you can make more complex stuff like get data from a database and print it out to an LCD.

You can find the project here (color Changing LED). And you can see my code, even duplicate it and expand it for your own needs. Pretty cool, huh? 😀

I tried to make a simple reaction game, which works but I think I’ll need more time than 2 hours to make it much more “fun”.
Btw. check it out here.

I have a few ideas to bring to life with an Arduino. So if I’ll have the time I have to make those things. 😀