New semester, new goals, old laziness. 😀
At the 6th semester of my education I’ve got a class called “Industrial image processing“. Unfortunately the class is at 8 AM so my bed is more comfortable than the thought that I’m not attending the class. BUT!

IMO it is a very important and interesting topic, so I wanted to try it out for myself. I hated Matlab. Not just hated…I despised it.
I was so wrong and stupid. I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand it. So just opened it up and….(3 or 4) hours later I still sit in front of my computer playing with the features it provides.

As I said, that image processing class sounds cool but you have to know the math behind it. I started with baby steps. How Matlab works, etc… Than I made an application (how how do you call it in this program?) which can determine objects on the image (just a black and white image). You can see, the originally black circles are bounded with red boxes. After that success I wanted to determine the radius. Success!

What should I do next?

See which one is the smallest and make a new image where you can see only the smallest object. I can proudly say…Success!!!

valami1(It works!!!!)

matlab2(On the right you can see that it’s pretty small)

You can access the full code here: super code made by Gábor Vecsei

Okay, It was not a big deal after all and it’s not a big project, but it’s a good starter one. And it was a big step for me.

See you soon!