Hello my friends!

So it’s been a while… But my exams are over fortunately and I can concentrate on my side projects. Btw, I made a LinkedIn account, you can find me HERE.

I just found one of my old homework when I started to learn programming in university. We learned C and we had to think about a more complex program to create. I was brave and choose a game.

This game is a retro TRON clone. The graphics are characters and it runs in the command window. It is a local multiplayer.

As you can see we can do fun things with programming even if we are just learn the things.

You can find the source code HERE. Enjoy it. 😉


When I posted this article, I shared my code to a sub Reddit called gamedev. A lot of people found my project inspirational and so awesome that a few hours later my post was the most up-voted in that section. Just check it out, I like when I got good feedback like this.