The magic happened…I started working at the beginning of the summer as an Intern.

If you’d like to see where, here is a link to my LinkedIn profile. At my university we have to do 240 hours of work before we can get our degree. So as we did our exams we looked for a job too because we have to find the place where we would like to complete that 240 hours of work.

I submitted my CV to big companies and small ones too. Fortunately all of the companies hired me so the most interesting part was the choosing between them. (Maybe I’ll write about this topic too). In a nutshell: I chose to work for a small (really small with 7 people) startup. But I think I made the right decision and I just love the startup feeling.

I thought that I will get easy projects which I don’t like because I can’t learn anything new, but NO!

At first they had an interesting project in their mind. That based on image processing. They wanted to detect the score we got after we throw a darts arrow to the table. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I jumped right into it. It was fun to create something which is new. At the company I was the only one who knew about image processing so I did not have help but it doesn’t scared me. That was a challenge for me.
I made my own algorithms and I created my classes for the detection. At my workplace I could test it because we had a darts table. And I think I worked really fast. After 2 weeks I could show a demo app, where I could detect where is the thrown darts. (Even my boss said that I was fast).

I can’t give you details about how I made the detection but I can show you sample images:



On these pictures you can see how I detected the point of the dart’s arrow. The detection is the two red line’s intersection. So from that point we only need to know what is the score. That’s as hard as the arrow point detection. I tried several things and now I’m working on that part of the project. I have a working method but only If the camera is placed with a given angle and given distance from the table. But that’s cool because we made the hardware too. 🙂
But I would like to make it more flexible.

I really enjoyed the work and I did not have a day when I was bored and I learned a lot of things and I worked hard and I know more when I started the projects. I am not done with this company, I will continue to work for them. And just a side note…The working hours were flexible and I could do home office as many times as I wanted to. So this is how I worked with a cup of cold chocolate:


That was it for this time. I’ve just started 2 projects for myself and I will write about those shortly.