I’ve never thought that ultrasound is that fun to play with!

At the university we had a “laboratory class” where we talked about motion capturing and stuff like that. So the teacher showed us a Zebris ultrasound device. With my team (group of 4 students) we decided to create a snake game which you can control in space with your hands and with the help of this ultrasound device.

We had only 2 hours to make this project but I think we did a great job! You can see the video below. 🙂

The basic thoughts behind this is that we capture the initial (x,y,z) coordinates of the marker which we can track in space with the device and if we moved the marker than check if we crossed so kind of threshold what we defined. We can do it all directions so we just have to pay attention for the values of the coordinates. And after we detected a change and we knew the direction etc… than we simulated a key press. We wanted to create a quick snake game but we just found a lot of versions online so we played with those ones.

This is not a revolutionary project but I think it’s pretty entertaining, that’s why I though sharing it. We have to learn a lot about serious things and create earnest projects and a little project like that warms us up to create more and more out of the box projects. 🙂

Enjoy the short video: