Recently I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile with a new experience: Freelance work.

I found a site a few months ago which is Upwork. I saw that nowadays this is the “best” freelancer site. I thought I will give it a try, to see if it is worth the effort. Here is my profile.

You have to be dedicated if you’ve just started this kind of work (later it is easier). We can apply to jobs and we have to estimate our price, the deadline and we have to write a cover letter too for every project.

I do not want to talk about how this works but I would like to write about my experiences.

So I had a Computer Vision project (with Python and OpenCV) where I had to compare faces and calculate their similarity. At first when I applied for the job because I found it interesting, I thought it will be easy to do this based on my experience in Image Processing…but I was wrong.
So I started with a little research and than I tried to figure out how could I complete this task which results a system with a very good accuracy (over 98%).
I tried a few algorithms and I started to build small modules and test those. After this I connected the modules and created a complex app.
With that script we were able to determine the similarity of the 2 faces. This worked only when we had 1-1 face on the images.
When I saw that the main part of my scripts work, I started to develop the “smaller” parts like check the similarity in database records, draw bounding boxes around the faces and save those images, etc…

Than I did testing, so I built a smaller database with test images and I ran the script on that one.

When I was done with everything: my script was able to open 2 images, determine the number of faces on the images and if we had 1-1 face on each image we could compute their similarity. This was done in a database where the client compared more than 35.000 records.

After they set up an ran the script I got very good feedback because of the running time and accuracy! I had to share this with you because I am so proud. 😀

I have completed this project less than 8 days! 🙂

So I have a good feeling about this because I can earn money with my hobby and I can do this kind of work anywhere anytime. It is just really hard to start you career as a freelancer. But after I got my 5 star review I got a lot of invites for other projects too. YEAH!