Dear Readers,

I can proudly say that I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics! ❤  🙂

I know, I should burst into tears of joy, but…I just don’t feel it that my journey with this University ended. I have great memories and I had challenging times (because this university is one of the hardest among Hungarian universities) what I really enjoyed because it tested my body and soul too.

I had the chance to learn about really interesting subjects like Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. I just love to work with these and create projects!

Why the journey is not ended? Because I applied for the MSc which is 2 more years and I will start it at 2017 February. So I think this is why I am not at a big celebration mood. But I look forward to it and I am open to the new things I will have to learn.

Just please….no more exam period! 😛


Budapest University of Technology and Economics