def why(language):
    if language.lower() == "python":
        print("Read Below...")


If you check out my Github account you can see that my recent projects are written in Python. The funny thing is that I never learned Python in University and I never worked with that. At the Summer of 2016 I started to use it because that way I could start playing with computer vision (OpenCV). After a month I stopped using it because I had to do a lot of work in Java, Android.

Besides my work I created small projects where I wanted to learn more about Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Deep Learning. So I started to use Python again. What I found really satisfying in this language is that with my knowledge in the last mentioned fields I could create stunning and interesting projects really fast. And this is the main point! This language is a time saver for me!

I study at University (MSc) and I get good grades, I work, I have (and I want) social life and … I create my own projects (some of them open sourced some of them not) and write these blog posts. I have other hobbies what I do but I won’t bore you with that. 😀
So as you can see these things consume my time BUT I have a lot of ideas for really cool projects. 🙂 And this is why I use Python. I can create my ideas from nothing really fast (I can argue with that 😀 )

side note:
And of course this is not the only thing why I use Python. A lot of Deep Learning and Machine Learning libraries are written in Python so I am forced to use this language. 😛