My about.me page.

I study at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. (finished 2nd year at Engineering Information Technology)

Photography and art is my passion. At my university I create posters (to promote concerts and events) and magazine covers. In my opinion you can’t learn art, so that’s why I learn IT, what I enjoy too. I created a few games in the past and nowadays I make games for mobile phones.

Back to photography and art, I like to create surreal images, portraits which represents a certain state of mind. I adore taking pictures with my phone or with a simple camera (analog and digital too) because everyone can create an awesome picture with a professional one…

My other big hobby is magic. I mean magic tricks. I started a long time ago and I think my hand skills are pretty cool.

I love extreme sports, surfing, skateboarding, inline skating and I like to swim.

So that would be me.