Snake game controlled in space

I’ve never thought that ultrasound is that fun to play with!

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OCR Library Comparison

I tried 3 OCR libraries for Java. Guess which one wins. Tesseract, Asprise, Google Could Vision.

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Straighten Image with OpenCV


I thought I’ll write a little tutorial about how we can straighten an image. This is very important because (for example) we can do more accurate OCR after the image is straight and not rotated.

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Working as an Intern


The magic happened…I started working at the beginning of the summer as an Intern.

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Retro TRON clone in C

Hello my friends!

So it’s been a while… But my exams are over fortunately and I can concentrate on my side projects. Btw, I made a LinkedIn account, you can find me HERE.

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Me on GitHub

Hi readers!

I just wanted to make a quick note that I made a GitHub account. Fortunately I found out that there is a GitHub Education Pack and I can apply to it because I’m a student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. 🙂
So you can follow me there too not just on Bitbucket.

Here is my GitHub with all my public projects and soon to be public ones. 😉


Image Analysis – Finger detection

I wanted to create a program which can detect the fingers on a photo. So I made one. This was my homework for my Industrial image processing class in University.

This was the rock,paper,scissors problem because my Matlab app can find the fingers on the image. So it’s just a playful name for an interesting problem.
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Image Analysis – Coin Counting

Yesterday I wrote about my big discovery that how amazing is Matlab and that little project I’ve made with it. Late night I couldn’t wait for today, so I started a 2nd project called…Coin Counting.

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Image Segmentation – Matlab

New semester, new goals, old laziness. 😀
At the 6th semester of my education I’ve got a class called “Industrial image processing“. Unfortunately the class is at 8 AM so my bed is more comfortable than the thought that I’m not attending the class. BUT!

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